services - an integrated approach

sound design   /   dialog editing   /   sound effects editing   /   ADR supervision   /   foley supervision   /   foley editorial   /   voiceover recording   /   orchestral score mix   /   music editorial   /   restoration & forensic audio   /   foreign language dubbing   /   pre-dubbing   /   5.1 surround final mixing   /   foreign delivery (M&E)   /   layback   /   asset management

Too often, audio work is divided into many parts, without focus on efficiency and the final product. ninethousandcycles provides comprehensive workflow through a select group of professionals who understand all aspects of audio production. The mix takes shape throughout the process, so that review sessions present the material properly, and final mix time can be spent working directly with clients rather than creating a rough mix.


film   /   television   /   radio   /   interactive   /   web formats

forensic applications   /   archive   /   workflow consultation